Huggers by Larry Stallman

Huggers © 1998 Larry Stallman

Hi. My name is Dr. Larry Stallman and I have been working with couples and families, as a therapist and counselor, for over 30 years. I have been impressed by the complexity, richness  and infinite variety of solutions that partners develop in order to meet the challenges of a shared life. I have come to believe that the ones who do it with the most love, respect, self discipline, creativity and energy, and who derive the most fulfillment from the process, are truly artists and that their medium is their relationship. This blog was created in order to explore their process.

In addition to being a Licensed Psychologist and an Approved Supervisor in the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists,  I have also been an artist all my life. I hold a Masters Degree in Puppetry and Dramatic Arts, I am a member of the New England Sculptors Association, I am a musician and I have studied martial arts.  My experience in the arts has colored my efforts to understand the nature of committed relationships. I believe that there are some fundamental principles that inform the most noble examples to be found in art and relationships.

In this blog I am hoping to further explore The Relationship Arts with the help of my readers. Please feel free to share your reactions to my posts, your random thoughts about relationships, and your experiences. I am confident that the readers of this blog will maintain a respectful  tone in  the dialogue, even when, especially when, there is disagreement. Thank you for joining me.

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