Discussion of Georgia O’Keeffe Quote for Relationship Artists

Black and Purple Petunias, Georgia O'Keefe

Black and Purple Petunias, Georgia O'Keefe

“To create one’s own world in any of the arts takes courage.” Georgia O’Keeffe

One very specific type of relationship is reflected in the institution of marriage, which has a long history with many and varied rites and traditions associated with it. We all inherit some of these, or a composite of many as part of the package, growing up in the families, communities, social, religious and ethnic groups we arrive in at birth.

As we approach our adult  partnership together, and make the choice to examine it with awareness and intention, we may discover that some or all of these  rites and traditions serve us very well. However we may just as easily discover that some do not, or that they do not serve our particular situation. This may be especially true if our relationship is non-traditional or unconventional. For instance, if we have a blended family comprised of parents with children from two different relationships; or if we are in an LGBT relationship, we may find that we have few traditional charts and road maps. Some partners have chosen to move out of conventional or traditional expectations in order to custom make a relationship that is truly reflective of their particular values and strivings.

Relationship Artists are among those who understand the need to custom make their relationship, that is, to create a relationship that truly reflects them. Sometimes their efforts will fit in perfectly with the traditions that they have inherited. However, sometimes they will feel a need to invent options that are suitable to them alone. This can be a very difficult course in that it requires imagination, perseverance, commitment to a process, teamwork, a willingness to confront the unknown, and a tolerance for ambiguity, even failure, and the possible judgment of others; in a word, courage.

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