Discussion of Rene Magritte Quote for Relationship Artists

The Lovers by Rene Magritte

The Lovers by Rene Magritte

“Life obliges me to do something, so I paint.” Rene Magritte

We all must fill the hours of our day from morning until night, from birth until death. How will the Relationship Aritist choose to do this? There are so many ways. We can fill our time with petty quarrels and bickering; with jealousy and resentment; with accusations and defenses; or with love and respect; thoughtful gestures; expressions of our regard; sharings of time; offerings from the reservoirs of the experiences of our lives. We can cook together; sail a boat; breed dalmations; dance a minuet; start a garden; clean the living room; volunteer at the City Mission; go snowshoing; start a band. All it takes is imagination, energy and a dash of courage.

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  1. Emily Marynczak says:

    I love this image- I think it describes an aspect of meeting and falling in love- you are kissing through the cover of self definition- “Hi, I am the adult I want to be” and then when the baby comes you are revealed for the person that you were raised as- I have found that you treat your children, especially little itty bitty ones- the way you were treated and taught to treat young children- and this is often new information for your partner- and maybe for yourself too- maybe-

    I love learning about art as a way to learn about marriage- or as a way to learn about treating life as a work of art- it’s a beautiful – marriage-
    Now, where’s that damn lump of clay- I mean-husband -I gotta mold… lol

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