The Relationship Artist’s Creed

Loxa Engraving of Happy Couple


It is my intention to develop myself within my loving partnership, and strive for the highest levels of awareness, compassion and loving action.

I will aspire to know myself so that I can transcend the accidents of my birth; and strengthen my self-discipline in order to achieve the fullest actualization of myself and my partner.

I will never forget that the time we have together is short.

I will practice empathic being, patient understanding and loving action so that both my partner and I may grow and flourish together.

I will strive for presence and artistry in the significant and insignificant details of my committed loving relationship.

In times of stress, in times of anger and in times of disagreement, as well as in times of joy and connectedness, I will maintain awareness that we both count all the time.

When there is contention, I will fight lovingly, fairly and respectfully and strive for outcomes that serve us both.

Although I cherish my inner child and will invite him on all of the journeys that my beloved and I undertake, I will not let him “drive the bus”.

Every day I will challenge myself to be creative in order to fill our lives with joy and love.

© 2011 Lawrence Stallman, Ph.D.

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