The Marital Arts is now Relationship Arts

I have changed the Marital Arts site to the Relationship Arts because the name is now reflective of a more inclusive outlook. I felt it was necessary to make this change because many people are in serious, committed relationships and not married. These include LGBT families, and long-term, committed unmarried couples. I felt that some people who, by choice or necessity, are not married, could easily feel excluded from a discussion that was directed only at married partners. I believe that the processes of relating, and creating Relationship Art, apply to all relationships although some people feel that there is a special case for marriage ( this one’s for men, this is a sociological argument by Linda J. Waite and Maggie Gallagher). In a Reply to Waite and Gallagher’s book, Dorian Solot and Marshall Miller make a strong case for support of all of the arrangements that are not marriage, while continuing to support marriage for those who want it.  They say, “…But if one believes, as we do, in building healthy individuals, families, and societies, then the obvious answer is to respect and support relationships and families regardless of their marital status.” I agree. And thus the change in the focus, and the name, of this site.

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