Attitudes and Values Part 1

The Relationship Arts reflect a set of attitudes, values, intentions and skills that contribute to the lifelong process of creation and re-creation that is a committed relationship. The Relationship Artist is a person who dedicates him- or herself to the pursuit of a transcendent relationship, and who never takes the process for granted. Awareness of these attitudes, values, intentions and skills becomes a profoundly important part of the daily experience of life for the Relationship Artist, in the same way that awareness of sound and rhythm is elemental to the musician’s work; awareness of form, color and line is essential to the painter; awareness of volume, form and texture is vital for the sculptor; and awareness of movement is indispensable to the dancer. And like the martial artist, the Relationship Artist is committed to pursuit of a centered, transcendent self-discipline that shapes all of the decisions of his or her life.

Fallingwater, Frank Lloyd Wright

Fallingwater, Frank Lloyd Wright

“All fine architectural values are human values, else not valuable.”
Frank Lloyd Wright

Relationship Artists see a creative challenge in the task of working out value and attitude conflicts. However they also understand the need to start with a shared sense of the fundamental values that shape the processes of their relationship, among these being, commitment, trust, respect, and counting each other all the time.

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