Art and Marital Art

The idea of “art” is ancient, rich and varied, and we know, of course, that it is many things to many people. Like other creators of art, the Relationship Artist devotes much of his or her energy to finding inspiration from any and all sources and creating a relationship that is personally fulfilling, emotionally rewarding and spiritually transcendent for both partners. Like any other artist, the Relationship Artist develops his or her craft, and focuses on elements of intention, creativity, imagination, and process.

Friendship by Tracey Emin

Friendship by Treacey Emin

“I’m a terrible cook, but if I could cook, I would see that as art as well, it’s how much creative energy you put into something.” Tracy Emin

The Relationship Arts represent a set of beliefs, attitudes, and commitments that can contribute significantly to an enhanced experience of committed, intimate relationships, and, consequently, life. As this blog unfolds the reader will not find formulas, or recipes, or the suggestion that there is a “right” way to do a relationship. On the contrary, readers will come to understand that a relationship can be as unique as the individuals who join to create it. It is their creation, their work of art, and the more “art” they bring to the process, the more satisfying the result will be. But it’s not a free-for-all and as we proceed we’ll explore some of the ground-rules.

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